Top 10 Best Push Up Bars In 2017 Reviews

Here is a look at the Top 9 best push up bars in 2016. As much as possible a wide variety of brands and models have been covered.

9. Yes4all Push Up Bars With Foam Padded Grips For Push Up Training


Important Features:

  • It is a high quality light push up weighing approximately around 1 lb and 5 ounces.
  • It is made from high quality slip resistant foam, black in color. This goes a long way in giving additional comfort when used for long periods of time.
  • Also comes with rubber foot which adds a lot to stability and prevent slipping of the push up when in use.
  • All in all a compact push up bar offering quality and the best value for money.

8. Top Quality Steel Push Up Bars + BONUS Workout Guide | Sport-it Fitness Portable Pushup Stands for Men + Women



Considered to be one of the best of its kind, this is a push up bar which has won a number of rave reviews from customers.

  • It has won accolades for being able to offer stronger, deeper, effective push ups.
  • Helps to build muscle naturally. Also has been able to burn fat quite rapidly.
  • It is best suited for toning upper body apart from being able to increase strength and stamina
  • Made from quality steel bars.
  • Also it comes with soft foam handles which helps reduce stress.
  • All in all a great push up bar offers the best value for money.

7. Legend Pushup: Push Up Bars + Stability Trainer


It is a push up bar and stability trainer built in one.

Helps reduce wrist pain and promotes better muscle strength.

Helps longer performance placing lesser strain on the hands and the wrists.

Helps build bigger chest, stronger arms and increases shoulder breadth.

Built to last a lifetime.

6. Elite Push Up Stands with FREE Skipping Rope



  • Wider hand grips helps in even and uniform weight distribution.
  • Rotating push up handles reduced strain on wrists and prevents wrist pain.
  • Comes with informative and easy to understand how-to-use videos.
  • Extremely suited for improving shoulder strength and also making the chest and shoulders broader.

5. SivanĀ® Push Up Bars For Workouts And Exercise



  • Rotating type high quality pushup bar.
  • Rotating feature helps reduce strain in joints.
  • Made from high quality plastic and also comes with rubber footpads.
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness and can be used to target all muscle groups.

4. Perfect Pushup Elite



  • Quality construction which is built to last.
  • Capable of engaging a number of muscles.
  • Capable of handling 400 pound weight.
  • Steel bal bearing for smooth rotation.

3. Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands



  • Coming from the house of Perfect Fitness, this anti skid push up bar offers 360 degree stability and comes with a proven non-skid platform.
  • Ergonomically designed and good to look contours.
  • Easy to store with handles that can be stacked.
  • Comes with padded comfort for better grip and ease of use.

2. Red Gecko Fitness Push Up Stands/Bars – Set of 2



  • It is made from high quality PVC resin and is a high quality triceps exercising push up bar.
  • Comes with handle foam for comfort and better grip.
  • Legs also are covered with foam to prevent sliding when in use.
  • Compact and extremely suitable both for men and women.

1.Push up Bars – Strong Workout Stands Perfect for Crossfit or Any Training Program for Men or Women



  • Angled perfectly, these push up bars have a number of positive customer reviews.
  • They are perfectly suited both or women and men. Kids can also use it.
  • Helps in giving shape and strength to pectoral muscles, triceps and biceps.
  • Made from quality material with zero risk of breaking or cracking.

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